SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — The Humboldt penguin chick that hatched a month ago at Syracuse's Rosamond Gifford Zoo has a name — it's Felix.

The choice of Felix, which means "lucky," received 264 votes, or 34 percent, of the 769 ballots cast online.

The new chick is the 55th Humboldt penguin to hatch at the zoo since it began taking part in a survival plan for the species in 2006. The animal is native to the Humboldt Current along the west coast of South America.

Félix weighed 69 grams when he hatched and now tips the scales at nearly 2,000 grams, or 4.4 pounds. He'll remain in the zoo's nursery for a couple more months before joining the rest of the colony this summer.

The zoo will celebrate World Penguin Day on April 25.

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