Help is needed to clean up miles of debris left from a massive explosion in Old Forge. You won't believe the photos and video of the destruction left behind.

Calls flooded 911 after a huge blast on Hollywood Road rocked Old Forge. A security camera caught the mind-blowing explosion across First Lake.

17 homes in the area were affected by the explosion, many suffering damages. Town of Webb Police Chief Ron Johnston said 4 or 5 houses were damaged beyond repair.

Unbelievably, no one was seriously injured or killed. The owner of the home wasn't home at the time of the explosion. Two landscapers working at a home next door received a few cuts and bruises in the blast according to WSYR.

John Droz said his brother Martin, lives next door. "He has a waterfront cottage on First Lake, next door to the cottage that blew up. He wasn't home at the time."

The investigation into the explosion is continuing but the likely cause is from propane.

Town Supervisor David Berkstresser declared a state of emergency as crews work to clean up, which could take weeks.

Sue Kiesel shared photos of the destruction and is asking for help cleaning up. While out kayaking, Kiesel says she discovered a lot of debris under docks in the area, including a board full of nails floating in the water. "Imagine your loved ones skiing or tubing into that."

Don't forget about the animals that call the water home. "Pink insulation, foam rubber from the furniture, spray on foam insulation, all looks like possible feed for ducks, loon, and probably fish," said Kiesel. "All those small pieces of debris can be lethal to waterfowl. Take a party barge with an empty kayak or rowboat tied behind it, wear gloves, use garbage bags, take 5-gallon buckets and help clean the mess."

Massive House Explosion Rocks Old Forge

A house explosion rocks Old Forge, damaging as many as 17 homes in the neighborhood. Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

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