Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is reacting to the resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Picente has issued the following statement:
The allegations levied against Eric Schneiderman are reprehensible and abhorrent. Resigning was not only the right decision, it was the only decision. His demeanor and previous actions as Attorney General are consistent with the behavior of a backyard bully with only the goal of self-preservation.  However, after last night’s revelations, it is clear he is someone who abuses women physically and emotionally. He is not just a bully, he is a monster.

Women should never have to live in fear of any man. Women should never have to fear retribution from the state’s Attorney General for coming forward to speak out against patterns of repulsive abuse. Women all over New York deserve better.

New York is once again being ill-served by a top law enforcement official who must resign in disgrace. New Yorkers deserve better than this in our government.

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