Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says he's frustrated by the lack of state and federal aid in the wake of Oneida County's recent flooding.

Picente is urging federal leaders to loosen the restrictions on FEMA aid and re-evaluate the way it's distributed.

He says the current way FEMA aid is granted and allocated is fostering needless suffering in smaller communities that are hit with natural disasters.

Picente told the federal leaders that not only are the thresholds required to qualify for FEMA money unrealistic, but even when the funding is granted, the process of obtaining it is a “bureaucratic nightmare.”

“Federal aid for emergencies money should flow directly to local governments with the knowledge, ability and willingness to actually deal with the problems,” Picente said. “Sending it directly to counties would be less expensive, more efficient and do more good.”

No federal or state aid has been provided to the county since the flooding on July 1st.

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