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Peter Lockwood says he had invested so much money, he had no choice but to hold the 10th Annual 2019 Mud Fest event in Poland, NY over the weekend, even though the Department of Health denied his permit application.  Lockwood told WIBX's Keeler Show on Monday that about 5000 people attended the event, which featured national recording rock artist, Buckcherry, and the event was safe.

Lockwood's company provided the security and he said despite the number of people, there were only three minor injuries: a fractured leg, a cut chin and one heat exhaustion injury, likely due to the fact that temperatures reached the mid 90's on Saturday. Local officials are challenging those injury numbers and say there were several more injuries, some of them serious. Officials also say the NY State Health Department was on the scene for the festival and several violations, which would total thousands of dollars in fines, are pending. One local official, requesting anonymity, claims fines imposed will total more than $200,000.

"The permitting process for NY is very involved," said Lockwood. "And some of the things they ask for are not realistic.  I do events all around the world and around the country," eluding that other states are far easier to deal with. Lockwood works for a company that holds Monster Truck events around the world and he runs his own 'mud events' around the country. He also claimed that many other festivals also hold events without permits. WIBX has not been able to verify that statement.

How big is his property?

Lockwood said his property is certainly large enough to hold an event with 5000 people.  He said Mud Fest used about 200 acres of his Herkimer County property over the weekend. Lockwood also said he had been talking with Woodstock promoter Michael Lang about holding Woodstock 50 on his property. "We were in talks," he said. He also said he believes Michael Lang will go forward with Woodstock 50, somewhere, even without a permit. On Monday, the Town of Vernon rejected Woodstock 50 promoters for a third time, in their quest to hold their event at Vernon Downs.

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What actually goes on at Mud Fest in Poland? Watch this short YouTube video:



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