President Donald Trump's choice to head the Federal Communication's Commission is Republican Ajit Pai, according to a report by the Hill on Friday.  Pai would replace outgoing Chairman Tom Wheeler who he often times disagreed with on regulations handed down by the FCC during the Obama years, including Net Neutrality.

Pai is currently a commissioner on the FCC board and when made the official head, could actually find himself at odds with President Trump on a few key issues. He's a staunch supporter of rolling back regulations and that could be in direct contrast with President Trump when it comes to the ATT-Time Warner deal.

As commissioner, Pai is well aware of Utica-Rome and has spoken to WIBX's Keeler in the Morning program on a handful of occasions. During an interview in October of 2014 he talked about his opinion on free speech and his opposition to the "Truthy Project" which would have studied people's comments online in regards to politics, and the use federal funds to pay for the study.  Pai wrote an OpEd in the Washington Post in regards to the project which received widespread praise for the free speech and free press purists.  During his interview on Keeler, he also gave his opinion on the Washington Redskins controversy and the fact that the word "Redskins" could be deemed offensive by the FCC.

Interestingly, Pai was the first-ever FCC commissioner to use Twitter to communicate with the public.   Obviously, he'll be working for a president who has come to be known as the "Tweeter" in Chief.

Listen to the interview below from October 23, 2014:


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