How important is the 22nd congressional district to Republicans and President Trump? It's clearly very important to the White House. High level visits on behalf of Rep. Tenney over the last several weeks includes the President himself, Eric Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Oliver North and a few cabinet members including Linda McMahon, Administrator of the Small Business Administration. As if that's not enough, Donald Trump Jr. is making an election-eve 'Get Out the Vote' rally tonight at the Beeches in Rome and the President is doubling down using his old campaign standby: Twitter.

Siena-New York Times poll on Monday

Brindisi has criticized the steady lineup of Trump insiders coming to the area on behalf of Tenney.

“While Claudia Tenney is holding another closed campaign event, I'll be touring the district visiting five counties, meeting with the people I hope to represent, and making the case that I'll be an independent voice working for them,” said Brindisi.

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