As one bakery closes in Whitesboro, another familiar face will be opening their second location. Star Bakery will be closing their location of 47 years as Ramon's Bakery will move in.

The news on both locations broke on Facebook. Star Bakery announced their retirement online:

This bakery has been the foundation of our family and provided endless memories for our entire family. Today their sons, Bobby and Paul, and daughter-in-law Charisse locked the doors for the last time as Star Bakery. 47 years, and the end of an era.

However, as bittersweet as goodbyes can be, at least Whitesboro will have another familiar face taking over. Ramon's Bakery announced they are opening at Star's location, and wish the family behind Star nothing but happiness:

We are excited to officially announce we will be opening our 2nd location on Wednesday 8/11. We want to thank the Marshall's, from Star Bakery, for their many years of serving the local community great, quality baked goods, and wish them well in their (well deserved) retirement or wherever their future endeavors take them!

Ramon's of Whitesboro will be opening starting this Wednesday, August 11th, between 7AM - 2PM.

Ramon's Bakery began as Utica's only bakery food truck and quickly grew. Along with the Whitesboro location, they are also at 1256 Albany Street in Utica. Ramon's is famous in Central New York for their specialty: The Donnoli-a. For those that don't know, the Donnoli-a is a cross between a cannoli and a donut. You can check their website out for a complete menu, and hours of operation for both locations.

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