Utica council member Samantha Colosimo-Testa sent a letter to Mayor Rob Palmieri on Monday in regards to the growing scandal over acting Utica Fire Chief John Kelly and a young prospective recruit.

Here's the letter sent to Mayor Palmieri:

Mayor Palmieri,

With the lack of information being released to the public about the recent events with the Utica Fire Department administration, I am officially requesting any and all detailed reports, with a timeline of exactly what transpired over the last several months with your “investigation” into the fire departments acting Fire Chief.

Your actions could potentially bring undue liability to the City.

This information should be released to the common council, so that the common council can determine if any employee or public official acted inappropriately or unethical.

The common council could then refer any type of misconduct, from all parties, to the ethics committee for an investigation.

If you, the Mayor, knew about this incident for several months and chose not to take action, then shame on this administration who claims to have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment claims,  when it is convenient. If there is a cover up and you were aware of this and didn’t take action, then the mayor and all involved should resign.

Public trust is fading fast.....


Samantha Colosimo-Testa


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