The City of Rome has been awarded $500,000 in state funding for major infrastructure projects at Bellamy Harbor Park.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced the funding today.

Mayor Jacqueline Izzo says as Rome prepares to mark the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal, improvements in Bellamy Park will include the completion of the Rome Navigation Center.

A second $125,000 state grant will be used for renovations at the Rome Police Department, upgrades at the DPW garage and wastewater treatment facillity and to purchase an ATV for first responders to gain access to the city's new pedestrian trail system.

“The projects the City of Rome will be able to complete through this funding will help the city to really highlight  its waterfront, and will also fund some urgently needed projects to help improve the city’s public works and public safety facilities.  These capital projects will make a significant difference in the city’s quality of life, and its ability to provide vitally needed services to the public,” Brindisi said.

Dave Smith, WIBX
Dave Smith, WIBX


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