Ever purchase something online from a website like Craigslist and have to drive to someone's home, or have them come to yours in order to complete the deal?

Or, maybe you both agree to met at a 'neutral' location in between, a place you may not be familiar with.

In any event, that meeting to exchange money and goods can create several safety issues. Rome Police are encouraging those who make online transactions to met at their headquarters to ensure safety.

Rome Police announced through a release this week: ''If a resident wants to buy an item that he or she saw online, or wishes to show one to a stranger for possible sale, the person can arrange to conduct the face to face meeting and transaction in the front lobby of the Rome Police Station located at 301 N. James St. in Rome. Well-lit and under constant video surveillance, the lobby is open to the public as a safe meeting spot for face to face Craigslist, Facebook Garage Sale or any other buy/sell transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rome Police often warn those who use online sites to buy or sell items of the dangers of meeting with a stranger face to face. Robberies, counterfeit money and stolen items have been cases investigated by Rome Police in the past as a result of face to face transactions. Rome Police encourage the use of the Rome Police Safe Spot in an effort to prevent these types of incidents from occurring. Members of the Rome Police will not take part in the transaction however; the front lobby desk is staffed by an officer should anything of concern arise during the transaction. For anyone wishing to use the Rome Police Safe Spot, no appointment with the police department is needed. You should just arrange with the buyer or seller to meet you at the Rome Police Safe Spot.''

Rome Detective Commander Tim Bates joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to discuss the Safe Spot:


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