The Russian government has placed a local company in the middle of the current tension between our government and theirs, following a refusal to allow a local product to be delivered to the United States Olympic team.

5000 containers of Chobani Greek Yogurt has been held up by the Russian government and at this point they are refusing delivery to the American athletes.  The yogurt is actually being held in a cold storage bin at Newark International Airport in New Jersey and Russian customs agents say the American's failed to fill out the proper paperwork.  The Americans say it would be impossible to meet the Russian requirements.

“I’d like to think that yogurt could have diplomatic immunity,” Peter McGuinness, the chief marketing and brand officer for Chobani, told the New York Times.

United States Senator Chuck Shumer is demanding the Russians discontinue their blockade of the Upstate New York health food.

The Russians say there will be no special treatment and the United States should simply 'follow the rules.'

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