Life has begun to return to some sort of normalcy for many businesses across New York State, as most of those retailers deemed non-essential were okayed for re-opening under Phase 2 of the state's Restart.

However, nearly all retailers of any size who are located in a mall of 100,000 square-feet or more are still forced to stay dark. That includes Sangertown Square in New Hartford and Destiny USA in Syracuse. Some, though, have been allowed to open again.

For example at Sangertown, those businesses with their own entrances, like Target, Boscov's, Dick's Sports Goods and Macy's are back open under Phase 2 (Target was never shutdown as it was deemed essential based on the types of products they sell). Approximately 50 others, though, are still staring at silent cash registers uncertain of when Governor Cuomo will grant approval to reopen.

Several store owners at Sangertown, including I-Candies Fashion Boutique and Rainbow Zen are writing Governor Cuomo asking that they be allowed to open up.

And, dozens more at the New Hartford mall are left wondering when they can start earning income again and bring employees back, even if it means they'd have to require customers to distance themselves and wear a mask.

In her letter to the governor, Courtney Forester of I-Candies asks Cuomo why they're still in a forced closure? And, for guidance, or some kind of an idea as to when, so they can prepare for it.

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning is scheduled to speak with David Breen, the CEO of PINZ bowling inside Sangertown Square on Friday morning.

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