Did you hear, a brand new and gorgeous children's museum will be coming to Utica? If you want to see what to expect, take a look at these pictures.

Do you have memories of going to a children's museum as a kid? If so, there was excitement, things to play with, and touch. It was a big deal to just be at one. As a parent going to a children's museum fills you with joy because you see your child with pure delight on their face. You get to see their minds at work. Soon parents and children will be able to experience this in a brand new way in Central New York.

Of course, Utica had a children's museum, but that museum while operational in more recent years was in need of updates, and upgrades. On top of that, the museum had a lot of other problems facing it including a financial dilemma. ICAN and The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties have come together and are bringing a brand new children's museum to Utica in 2023.

ICAN is using wording like "the first of its kind" when describing the coming museum, so surely this will be a wonderful addition for the City of Utica.

“This promises to be a destination that will add to the rich mix of offerings for families in the Parkway District, the City of Utica and our region as a whole. We are creating a place where children and families can meet, interact and spend time together – families from the neighborhood, as well as families from far away. The Family Resource Center will help increase community wellness as well as help elevate tourism and economic development.” - ICAN CEO/Executive Director Steve Bulger/Oneida County Tourism

There is still quite a way to go before the museum opens to the public for those local and tourists traveling into Utica. The plan at the moment is to have the Family Resource center Steve Bulger mentions above open by Summer 2022. Following that, ICAN is also anticipating the museum opening its doors by the end of the following year, 2023.

Want to take a peek inside? Keep scrolling and get excited because what you're about to see is coming soon to Utica.

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