State Senator James Seward is commenting on reports that Remington Arms plans to announce an expansion in Alabama.Seward issued the following statement:

Remington Arms and the 1,300 dedicated workers who make up the 200 year old company’s workforce are the heart and soul of the Mohawk Valley. I have been assured that any out of state expansion will not affect Remington’s workforce in Ilion and the recent $20 million plant upgrade is proof of the company's commitment to New York. I look forward to partnering with Remington moving forward and continuing a robust dialogue with company officials to help meet their needs here at home and assist them and their workers manufacture a time-honored American-made product.”

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Marc Butler says while the Governor Cuomo's office says the Remington Arms plant in Ilion would not be affected by the company's plan to expand to Alabama, he remains skeptical.

Butler says the real question is -- "if the expansion had happened right here in New York state, what would the impact on the economy have been?"

He says we're talking about 2,000 new jobs.

Butler says instead, employees at Remington in Ilion and their families will be faced each day with a nagging cloud of doubt about their future.