Last week on the Keeler Show, callers were reminiscing about local encounters with Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon. As it turns out, Bacon's family has owned a camp in the Adirondacks (just north of Utica) for several years. Over the years, locals have reported seeing Bacon in local bars and restaurants and even inside the Lowes Home Improvement store in North Utica.

In 2014, Bacon and his brother Michael (the other half of The Bacon Brothers) did an interview with Adirondack PBS discussing their life in the Adirondacks and their song, "My Adirondack Home," which pays tribute to their summer home.

In 2016, Michael Bacon released a song called, "It's an Adirondack Thing," a light hearted tune about living in the Adirondacks. Check out the beer reference about half way through, featuring a 12-pack of Utica Club.

By the way, what are the six degrees of Kevin Bacon and Oneida County? It's pretty simple: Bacon was with Kevin Costner in JFK, who was with Gene Hackman in No Way Out who was with Liza Minnelli in Lucky Lady, who was spent time on Sylvan Beach in Oneida County in 1969 when she made the movie Sterile Cuckoo. Therefore, if you're  willing to stretch the rules a bit, Oneida County's Bacon number is a 4.

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