A woman has been placed under arrest and is undergoing a mental health evaluation following a bizarre exchange with firefighters and police.

The incident happened Saturday in Utica, when firefighters responded to reports of heavy smoke coming from a Blandina Street apartment.

Threatening with hot oil and a knife

Firefighters said they had to force their way into the apartment after repeated attempts to get someone to open the door failed.

Authorities say they knocked several times before breaking down the door to investigate the smoke.

Utica Police investigate 2-car motor vehicle accident on Herkimer Rd. in North Utica. Friday, Sept. 8, 2023 (Photo by Karen Carey / TSM)
(Photo by Karen Carey / TSM)

Once inside, firefighters went toward the kitchen and found a woman standing next to a stove that was "heavily engulfed in smoke."

Per the Utica Police Department:

Upon attempting to speak with her the female brandished a large kitchen knife and began to approach the fire personnel with it. Furthermore, she then grabbed the pan with hot oil and walked toward them in an aggressive manner.

Firefighters exited the smoky apartment and summoned police for assistance.

The Woman Refused to Stop Cooking

By the time police arrived, the entire apartment was engulfed in dark smoke.

Police unsuccessfully tried to get the woman to exit the apartment with them, but she refused to budge.

The female continued to add oil and food to the pan, making the smoke and hazardous conditions much more dangerous. The officers then approached her closer in an effort to have her exit the apartment so UFD could safely address the situation.

The woman allegedly picked up the knife again and brandished it toward the offices "in a threatening manner."

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One officer responded to the perceived threat by deploying his Taser. It connected with the woman, who fell down and dropped the knife in response.

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Officers handcuffed and removed her from the apartment.

Firefighters were then able to extinguish the stove and were said to have saved the apartment and the complex from sustaining further damage.

Undergoing a Mental Health Evaluation

According to UPD, the woman was transported the a local hospital to undergo evaluation. Because of this, her identity has not been made public.

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Police will identify the suspect when she is properly charged.

At the moment, she faces multiple charges of Menacing, Menacing a Police Officer, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.


No further information was provided.

Check out the Facebook post below:

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