A Hamilton College Student recently found a 5-foot snake in her dorm room. What would you do if it happened to you?

The poor girl is probably traumatized for life, I know I would be. Believe it or not, she didn't run home screaming and crying. I'm told she's is still enrolled at Hamilton College and is doing much better today than yesterday.

Frank Coots, Director of Campus Security, was kind enough to chat with me about the incident while I was utterly grossed out and thinking I would never be the same again if THAT happened to ME.

An unauthorized 5-foot long snake slithered into a girl's dorm room at Hamilton College, but Campus Security was quick to apprehend the unauthorized intruder with a smile.

Photo courtesy of Hamilton College
Photo courtesy of Hamilton College

Frank says they are currently searching for the owner of the snake, and if anyone has any information, they're asked to call 315-859-4141. Students came back last week and it's unknown at this time if a student or visitor brought the snake to the Hamilton Campus.

After some research, we think the snake is a Ball Python. Love to know says Ball pythons may initially seem like a scary choice for a pet since they are constrictor snakes, but they are gentle, docile and make great pets. (HA!)

BTW, the only pets allowed on campus are service animals. Thankfully no one was hurt, but what did it eat? It sure looks well fed.

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