We are officially in the second week of November, which means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Halloween is now a distant memory.

The weather in New York State this past weekend was flat-out gorgeous, especially Saturday, when temperatures reached 80 degrees in many parts of the state and no rain in sight. It's very rare to be able to wear shorts in November in this part of the country.

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However, those 70 and 80-degree temperatures are long gone and we look forward to a less than ideal weather weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday look like good days but by Friday, a cold front will sweep through the state and bring us rain and yes, even snow for this weekend and into next Monday.

WIVB meteorologist Mike Cejka shared the long-range forecast for snow this weekend, which puts the snow zones in the southern tier of Western New York and a large portion of the state east of Lake Ontario.

The National Weather Service confirmed that snow will be in the forecast for regions in Central New York and east of Lake Ontario, but it's too early to pin down exact snowfall totals.

The worst spots to be appear to be regions east of Lake Ontario and east of Lake Erie, particular if you live in the southern tier of Western New York.

Rochester and portions of the Finger Lakes could see snow falling this weekend as well. Thankfully, the temperatures will be just barely warm enough (low 40's), for this to not be a huge snow event.

Keep the snowbrush handy and yes, leave it inside your vehicle from now until April.

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