The New York State Police have announced the loss of one of their own. K9 Will was one of their beloved police dogs who was killed in the line of duty.

On Monday the State Police were assisting the Lewis County Sheriff's Office in the search of a home in the Town of Greig. Upon execution of the search warrant, a pit bull ran from the home and attacked K9 Will.

The Trooper handler of K9 Will fired a shot into the leg of the pit bull in an effort to subdue it. The bullet apparently hit the driveway and ricocheted into the stomach of K9 Will. The 3-year-old Belgian-Malinois was transported to a veterinary clinic in Lowville where he succumbed to his injuries.

K9 Will graduated from the State Police basic K9 school in April of 2017. He was named after Trooper William G. Doyle, who was shot and killed by escapees from a mental institution on December14, 1967. This investigation is ongoing.

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