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-AT&T-Time Warner-Antitrust
A federal judge has approved the $85 billion mega-merger of AT&T and Time Warner, potentially ushering in a wave of media consolidation while shaping how much consumers pay for streaming TV and movies.
AT&T-Antitrust Trial
The government and AT&T exchanged opening salvos in a federal trial Thursday as the U.S. seeks to block the telephone giant from absorbing Time Warner, in a case that could shape how consumers get — and how much they pay for — streaming TV and movies.
Passwords Compromised?
If you are a Time Warner Cable customer and you have an email account with them you may want to change your passwords. The cable company released a report stating that thousands of customer accounts have been hacked.
Toy Drive Launch
It is the holiday season and several organizations are joining forces to benefit Mohawk Valley children this year in what could be called "The Great Mohawk Valley Toy Drive."
Does This Affect You?
This week Comcast decided to back out of a deal to merge with Time Warner, a deal that was under federal scrutiny because of the possibility that it would create a behemoth in the cable industry.

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