A man suffering from cerebral palsy, considered to be a miracle of life by his family will be participating this year's Boilermaker Road Race.

Justin Piskorski of Suffolk, VA, was diagnosed as a baby and given a short prognosis for life, but is now approaching his 30th birthday. He'll celebrate next month's milestone of three decades by competition in his second Boilermaker-related event.

As a child, Justin participated in a Boilermaker Kids Walk with his mother Judy Benson - originally from Sauquoit and a graduate of Notre Dame High School locally.

Team Justin! photo submission by Donna Bullen.
Team Justin! photo submission by Donna Bullen.

Today, Justin rides in a what is called a bike trailer. He is pictured above and below with his training partner Stephen McDonald, an active duty Naval Chief who also very active in the fitness world and who lives in VA.

The pair make up Team Justin! and regularly train and run together.

McDonald is a road runner and tri-athlete who hopes to compete in an Ironman event in the near future, fans of Team Justin! tell WIBX 950.

Team Justin! photo submitted by Donna Bullen.
Team Justin! photo submitted by Donna Bullen.

The family of Team Justin will be among thousands of spectators at the upcoming July 9th event, watch both compete together in Utica's signature summer event.

WIBX 950 will speak with both Justin and Stephen the week leading up to this year's July 9th Boilermaker on the Keeler in the Morning Show.

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Boilermaker Sunday is back in July! The morning started with sunshine and brisk air. The finish line was already lined up with fans ready to cheer on their family and friends as early as 6:45 AM.

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Congrats again to all the participants of the 2022 Boilermaker Road Race.

The Boilermaker Road Race took place Sunday, July 10th, 2022.

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