Congresswoman Claudia Tenney voted "No" on the 2018 budget bill passed by the House today.

The budget included a provision supporting the elimination of the state and local tax deduction or SALT.

Tenney issued the following statement on her vote:
“Eliminating the SALT deduction will unfairly burden over 62,000 people in the 22nd District and strip hardworking families of their only real tax relief. Tax reform is key to unleashing our economy, bringing back jobs and creating growth. However, eliminating the SALT deduction will hurt Upstate families, who are already struggling under Albany’s gross mismanagement and skyrocketing taxes. In Albany, I stood up to both parties to fight for my constituents, and I’ll continue to stand up for them in Washington against the political elite. This is an historic opportunity to pass a comprehensive tax reform plan that truly levels the playing field, and we must get it right. I will continue to fight for a plan that decreases the tax burden for all of the hardworking New York families and small business owners I represent.”

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