Testimony is continuing today in Oneida County Court in the first Word of Life Church trial.

Sarah Ferguson is facing charges in the beating death of Lucas Leonard and the assault of Christopher Leonard inside the Word of Life Church in Chadwicks last October.

Dr. Leo Sullivan, who saw Christoper Leonard at the hospital, took the stand this morning.

WUTR's Angie Pavlovsky reports that Sullivan testified that Christopher had lost three to four units of blood and had "defensive bruising." Sullivan said he could tell a power chord was used to create the bruises because of the shapes.

Sullivan testified that it would take 110 rounds for a boxer to received the sames injuries as Christoper did. He also said Christoper would have died in 5 to 10 days if he didn't get treatment

The doctor also testified that Christopher was "tight-lipped" and answered only medical questions.

Scott McNamara and Ferguson's attorney, Rebecca Whitman, are having more heated interaction today.

Leonard said Pastor Tiffaine Irwin began asking Lucas questions regarding sexual abuse during the counseling session.

Bruce said the session turned physical when Christopher refused to answer questions about alleged sexual abuse.

Leonard also testified that someone gave him a power cord during the session and he whipped Lucas and Christopher about 20 times each.

He also said Sarah hit Lucas with the cord multiple times.


WUTR's Angie Pavlovsky and Sean Martinelli contributed to this report


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