The frightening drug fentanyl is claiming more and more lives every day when mistakenly thinking they are buying cocaine or heroin. Even more alarming is that this powerful narcotic is now turning up in unlikely places - like candy!


Recently, there have been reports of parents finding fentanyl in their kids’ candy. In one case, a parent found what looked like crystal methamphetamine in their child’s Starburst wrappers. It turned out to be fentanyl that had infiltrated the candy during manufacturing. In another case, a mother discovered what she thought was cocaine in her son’s Nerds Rope candy. Again, it was actually fentanyl which is also called Rainbow Fentanyl.


So, how can you protect your kids from this dangerous drug?

The best way to protect your kids from accidentally ingesting fentanyl is to educate them about the dangers of drug use. For little kids, teach them never to accept candy from strangers and to always check with you before eating anything they’ve been given. Explain to them that drugs are often disguised as candy or other innocuous objects, so they must be cautious. It’s also a good idea to go through their trick-or-treat haul together and throw away any suspicious-looking candy or anything not appropriately packaged. When in doubt, throw it out!


You should also be vigilant about the types of candy your kids are eating. Unfortunately, many of the candies found to be laced with drugs are popular with kids, such as gummy bears, lollipops, and gummy worms. So, it’s important to check labels carefully and only buy candy from trustworthy sources. If you have any concerns about a particular type of candy, throw it away - it’s not worth taking the risk.

Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

For teens, talk with them. I had this talk last night with my high schooler, a junior at Shenendowoha. I wanted to know if there was talk of this Rainbow Fentanyl in school. Does he know about it? Has anyone approached him? It was an easy conversation because I would rather know now and be involved instead of being too late.
No parent wants to think about their child being exposed to drugs, but sadly, it’s a reality we have to face in today’s world. The best way to protect your kids is to educate them about the dangers of drug use and be vigilant about the types of candy they are eating. By following these simple tips, you can help keep your kids safe from the dangers of fentanyl-laced candy this Halloween - and all year round.

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