A Facebook video that surfaced last week of a resident at the Grand Rehabilitation Center in Rome complaining about care, has prompted a response from the facility. Bruce Gendron, a spokesperson for the Grand, spoke to WIBX's Keeler Show on Tuesday and disputed the claims.

"We always prefer that people take their concerns to us directly," said Gendron. "When it gets out into a public forum, it's more, as you said, difficult to talk about because we're pretty strictly regulated on how much we can talk about a person's individual care," he said.

Gendron said the Grand vehemently disputes the claims made in the complainant's video in which she says she and other residents are not taken care of, including clean up before bed, the changing of undergarments, etc.  Gendron said "that in this particular case there were things that were said that were wholly inaccurate." Included in those inaccuracies were comments made by the resident about neglect of other patients on the campus, which Gendron said she would have no knowledge of, because she is confined to her room due to her medical situation.

Gendron said that the facility has conducted an internal investigation and found the claims to be unfounded. Additionally, Facebook posts sent to WIBX written by people who claim to be residents of the facility, followed by additional replies by people who say they have first-hand knowledge of the situation, paint a completely different story about the complainant. These people, who Gendron confirms are residents of The Grand, say the complainant is abusive to staff and other residents.

The daughter of the complainant, Ruth Wallace who lives out of the area, stands by her mother's statements and claims that there are other families who are also upset over treatment of their family members. Wallace will join WIBX's Keeler Show at 7:40 a.m. on Wednesday. A rally in defense of her mother has been planned in Rome on Thursday.

Gendron told WIBX that on Monday he self reported the claims and the video to the New York State Department of Health and has asked them to conduct an independent investigation.

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