The former President of the Utica Boilermaker, Tim Reed made an announcement recently on WIBX that he's fighting prostate cancer. The good news is that is was discovered early and he's expected to recover fully after chemotherapy.  The positive that came out of his disclosure is that others have been inspired to get screened,

"It's a simple blood test," said Reed and he explained his condition to WIBX's Keeler Show. Prostate cancer is the one cancer that if treated early, is not considered fatal.

Reed's disclosure inspired staff at WIBX. Jeff Monaski decided not to shave during 'No Shave November' in honor of Reed,  And WIBX's Bill Keeler said Reed's disclosure inspired him to get his first screening at the age of 54. This week, Keeler will get his blood work tested, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, all in honor of Tim Reed,

Keeler plans to do the radio show on Friday right up until it's time for the exam. His colonoscopy is scheduled for just after the end of Friday's program at 9 a.m..

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