Demand is growing for smaller, energy efficient and life-efficient tiny homes - sometimes called eco-homes.

Whether it be mortgage avoidance, wanting to 'get off the grid', or a need for a mobile unit for travel or camping these tiny homes are selling, says Bill Rockhill, owner of the Bear Creek Carpentry Company in Woodgate, NY.

In constructing the homes, Rockhill says you need take the buyer's personality into account, along with their lifestyle. ''Everyone has their own specific needs so we build the project to fit them'', he said, saying he's built homes tailored for single mothers and those with disabilities.

The units are very energy efficient and can be equipped with solar panel roofing.

''It's a really tiny house with everything that would be in a big house, but it's efficient,'' he said, appearing on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.


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