Tuesday, May 24th, 2016


6 AM Hour

We talk about a proposal in the New York Senate on a statute of limitations for child abuse cases in New York.

Fox News' Simon Owen joins us to ask whether Legotoys are becoming more violent after a new poll says the kits are including more weapons.  Keeler thinks it is ridiculous.

Keeler says that he and his wife think that they witnessed the transfer of an organ to be donated the other day.  He says that it profoundly affected them

We talk about the aid in dying bill, passed by the New York State Assembly Health Committee.

A customer in Cohoes, New York left a more than 300-percent tip for a waitress.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong was hit in the head with a 90+ mile per hour pitch from Colorado Rockies pitcher Jordan Lyles.  ESPN has video of the painful hit.

Greg from the Valley tries to win the Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a certificate for Carmela's Cafe in New Hartford.

7 AM Hour

Keeler and the man whom he says is a "guitar genius," Tope, fixed Kristine's daughter's guitar, and now Francesca's guitar is being used to compose a song parody.


John Zogby talks Election 2016 and talks about the two candidates whom he has dubbed "Mr. Unfavorable" and "Mrs. Favorable."  He also weighs in on the Free Money Question of the Day.

Happy birthday to:

      • Suzie Bowman from Utica
      • Lisa Gleba from Rome
      • Vivien Gorman from Waterville
      • Bill Kloczkowski from Ilion

Kim Tobiasz from Utica wins the certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica.


A gift certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop on Bleecker Street in Utica goes to Vivien.  Congratulations!


Attorney Frank Policelli calls in to talk about the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases.  Senator John DeFrancisco is supporting efforts to pass the legislation.

Tami Seaman is the owner of Majestic Fireworks in Clinton, New York.   She is on in support of making fireworks legal in Oneida County.

8 AM Hour

Fox News legal expert Loretta Powers  is on talking abot the case of a frozen custard shop which is requiring its employees to speak English only.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick is an instructor at Johns Hopkins University and founder of "Jenerations Health Education."   She is on talking about caregiving and nursing care options, and making certain that nursing home experiences do not turn into nightmares.  She is the author of "Cruising through Caregiving: Reducing the Stress of Caring for Your Loved One," available in September.

Bill Rockhill is the owner of Bear Creek Carpentry.  He builds and offers workshops about tiny houses.  He also discusses the importance of STEAM education.

Interns Justine and Ryan are in studio.  Ryan is recovering from his baseball slump and Justine promises to bring in her artwork on Thursday.

Keeler recaps the stories above the fold in today's Utica Observer-Dispatch.

And what happens when the news guy (or gal) reads the sports guy's (or gal's) stuff?

Enjoy your day!


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