New York State is one of those states that has a reputation that isn't warranted from other parts of the country. It's so misinterpreted.

When people think of New York, what do they imagine? They picture New York City first and foremost. That's natural, it's the same name as the state and is the biggest city in the country, but I have officially lost count how many people assume that when I say I am from New York State, that I live in a big city.

Most of New York State is farmland, countryside and small towns. Go take a drive through Western, Central and Upstate New York sometime and you will see just how wrong that stereotype is.

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However, as much as I love many aspects of this state, there are drawbacks. There are some places that let's face it, have very little to do there for recreational activities. There are also places where crime rates are less than ideal, and are consistently leaders in crime rates.

Which places are the least ideal places to live in New York State? New York City is very large and has heavy crime because of its layout and size, but there are countless things to enjoy in New York City, however.

Here are the five places you might not want to live in New York State.

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