While people can find some of the best pizza in New York, they can also find some of the worst at this popular pizza chain that has locations all over the state.

Not All Pizza Created Equal

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Have you ever been instantly let down after biting into a slice of pizza that looked and maybe even smelled completely delicious? Apparently, there's a nationally-known chain that is guilty of serving up subpar pies.

24/7 Wall St. released a list of the nation's worst pizza joints that people should avoid most. In all, five chains made the roundup due to their poor marks in quality, consistency and prices.

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In fifth place overall was Domino's because pizza lovers say the chain uses low-quality toppings and their pizza quality is all over the board. The chain's ranking is an added insult to injury because of the effort Domino's put in to improve their product.

Remember their viral ad campaign where they used actual bad reviews to acknowledge their pizza needed drastic improvement? What happened?

There's an estimated 237 Domino's Pizza stores operation across the Empire State.

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Fourth overall was Papa Murphy's, which doesn't have a presence in New York. The nation's third-worst chain was Little Caesars, which earned poor marks for using low-quality ingredients. An estimated 68 locations are operating in the state.

CiCi's, which has no stores left in New York, missed the #1 spot and that leads us to America's worst chain of all.

Cardboard Pizza

Earning the title as America's worst pizza chain was none other than what many kids consider the holy land - Chuck E. Cheese. The restaurant is considered the ultimate place to throw a birthday party due to its animatronic band (RIP), play area, and games.

There are 20 Chuck E. Cheese locations still operating in New York, and that number could shrink as the chain struggles to rebrand itself as a cool place for kids. The chain recently closed its New Hartford location, leaving Syracuse as only remaining location in the Central New York area.

Chuck E. Cheese / The abandoned place man on YouTube
Chuck E. Cheese / The abandoned place man on YouTube

Their mascot got a 3-D makeover, their animatronic band is going on permanent retirement, and the company is pouring about $300 million into upgrading their "fun centers."

Despite all that, their pizza is still considered a crime to eat by many. The company earned dings for having unappetizing cheese, cardboard-like crust, poor quality toppings, and high prices.

Said 24/7 WallSt:

The chain revamped its menu in the last few years in an attempt to change its image as an entertainment center that serves the worst pizza imaginable. However, even if the pizza is nominally better than it used to be (and that’s a big “if”), it still falls way, way short of the standard set by other national pizza chains. No amount of Skee-Ball, screaming children, or overhyped prizes can make up for pizza this bad.

Will Chuck's ever fix their ongoing pizza problem? Only time will tell.

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