What you can't see in the security photo above is that these people are loading an old Coca Cola refrigerator into their pickup truck. It's just one item picked up as part of the Town of New Hartford's curbside trash pickup which began in Zone A in the township and will continue through the rest of the month.

It's the first time New Hartford has offered the service for its residents in almost a decade, according to Richard Sherman, the Town of New Hartford's Highway Superintendent.  The town will begin picking up the trash on Monday; however, scavengers looking for antiques, used property or items to re-purpose are allowed to scope out the neighborhoods and pick up anything that meets their fancy.  Some people are looking for scrap metal, he said. "The last time we did it, all of the scrap metal was gone before our crews arrived for pickup.

Items that can be left along the curb for Town of New Hartford residents include appliances, construction materials, televisions, wood, plastics and other disposables. Items that can't be left to the curb are recyclables, glass and paint.  Curbside pick will be conducted through four neighborhood zones through the week of June 24th.  Complete details are available on the Town's website.

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