Congressman Brandon Williams (R - NY22) was holding nothing back when discussing fellow Republican Matt Gaetz, who opened the door to remove former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Williams, speaking on WIBX's Keeler Show on Monday, made it very clear that Representative Matt Gates of Florida is all about himself, and cares nothing about the Republican Party or what's best for America.

"Matt Gaetz is a third generation politician whose family has built their wealth based on their political careers in their manipulation of Republican voters. He's never had a job outside of politics. He is manipulating Republican voters to think that he is for them or he's one of them. He is not. He is a third generation career politician, in the worst form of what we have in our politics today," said Williams.

Williams complained how just one member can put the Speaker on the chopping block, opening the door for a vote and allowing Democrats to team up with just a few Republicans to remove the Speaker of the House. Williams said, that's exactly what happened last week, putting the House of Representatives in the current limbo they're in in such a dangerous time in current events around the world.

Williams called what Hamas did to Israel as horrific and disgusting, the reported Iranian connection to the Israeli attack, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and China looking increasingly ready to invade and overtake Taiwan - one has to worry about the potential for a much larger conflict that could develop into a world war. Williams said he also fears the open border policy of the Biden Administration is putting the country at risk of an attack on our own soil, and he blames the weakness and lack of commitment from Congress, and the weakness of the Biden Administration as an opening for everything bad that's happening in the world now.

Brandon volunteered to serve as a nuclear submarine officer for the Navy.  He graduated from college in December 1990 and reported to Officer Candidate School in March 1991. Transitioning into the nuclear engineering training was a very steep learning curve, one which he successfully accomplished against significant odds. During his military service, he made six strategic-deterrent patrols in the Pacific aboard the USS Georgia, serving as the Strategic Missile Officer, according to his bio.

Listen to the complete interview with Williams below.

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