As the City of Utica decorates downtown for the holidays, they'll also be installing 35 new Downtown "One World Art Gallery" banners.

The banners feature the works of 70 local artists who live, work, attend art school or maintain a studio in Utica.

They're part of Cornell Rust 2 Green's "One World Utica -- Reimagining the Arts" initiative.

Mayor Robert Palmieri said, “Utica’s authenticity comes from the richness of our arts offerings and opportunities, and this project uniquely represents many of the creative individuals who make the City of Utica such a special place to live and visit.”

The banners will be on display for the next six to ten months.

A booklet featuring a photo, bio and contact information for each featured artist will be available to the public soon.

The banners will be hung within a week, depending on the weather.

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