The murder of a South Carolina college student who got into a car that she thought was her Uber ride has prompted a great deal of safety talk; but, it might also be giving people with nefarious intent inspiration.

Shad Crowe, the Director of Emergency Management at Utica College told WIBX's Keeler Show on Friday that people need to be cautious and attentive.  Crowe said that last week, a female UC student got into a car that she thought was her Uber ride, only to discover that the male driver wasn't. She thought he might be a taxi driver and he was driving towards the college, so she wasn't overly alarmed. Unfortunately, the risk level changed radically when. she was being dropped off.

Crowe explained that when she tried to pay with a credit card, the driver said he didn't take credit cards and because she didn't have cash, he would accept a kiss as payment.  As the tension increased, Crowe said that according to the victim the driver then grabbed her face and began forcibly kissing her.

The student was able to get out of the vehicle and she immediately reported the incident to Campus Security, according to Crowe. He said the matter was turned over to Utica Poilice, who are investigating the incident.

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