Utica, NY (WIBX) - Young people are paying attention to the presidential race. Just visit the Utica College campus to see the evidence. Many student groups are actively engaged in the political process, holding voter registration events throughout the campus, watching the debates, and keeping up to date with political news.

Lalah Butler, is President of her senior class and Vice President of Student Senate. Butler is enrolled in UC's Pre-Law Program with a concentration in Sports Communication. Here's what she says about the election:

Government and Politics Major, Tatyana Gurina, says it's a major topic of conversation in and out of the class room. She says the outcome of the election will impact her as a student and a woman.

Professor Luke Perry advises, non-partisan political group, Sherman Society. He says the economy and the nations deficit are the two key issues on the minds of students.

He says students tend to be more interested in politics during a presidential election year, partly due to the persistent national buzz surrounding the process. A recent survey by Dailybreak, an on-line advertisement group, found that 72-percent of students are interested in politics and 87-percent say they plan to vote in the 2012 presidential election.

Jeanette Lenoir, WIBX
Jeanette Lenoir, WIBX

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