Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri gave heated answers on Friday morning in regards to a Syracuse Developer that is involved in several Utica properties, and is reportedly falling short.

One point of contention is the Kennedy Parking Garage, which was seemingly sold to Bowers Development of Syracuse, much to the chagrin of County Executive Anthony Picente and MVHS.

"I have had a very good working relationship with the hospital," Palmieri said on WIBX. This despite the fact that the hospital claims that while they were in the midst of negotiating a deal for parking spaces in the garage with the city, a surprise sale was announced to Bowers, without informing or consulting with MVHS or Picente.

This week, the city announced that Bowers is falling short on coming up with the funding for the garage and the city is taking the property back. The mayor said Friday morning that he's confident they will find a new buyer, and in fact, said he's currently talking with a couple of developers who may be interested in the garage.

When asked if it would be in the best interest of progress for the city and the new hospital if the two parties could come to some agreement on the garage, Palmieri said MVHS had the chance to purchase the garage, but had previously declined. He did say he would be open to new conversations with MVHS.

There are are handful of other projects Bowers Development has been working with the city on including properties along Genesee Street in the Theatre District. Palmieri admitted that Bowers had fallen short on their commitments and they have been cited with codes violations.

When asked if he felt that things were spiraling out of control downtown, or if the unfinished buildings seemed to present that image, Palmieri fired back. He said the city is in better shape than it's been in several years, and recently, new projects have been announced that will continue to move the city forward.

Palmieri said he will definitely hold Bowers Development accountable.

Listen below to the complete interview with Mayor Palmieri, immediately followed by a fiery response from Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente.

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