The world has changed so much since I started working and earning a paycheck. It is not that long ago that people would work or do a side job for you and you paid them in cash! These days, it is much easier to simply tap a few icons on your phone and send a payment to someone. No more having to get to the back to take money out or find an ATM to grab some cash. If people need to get paid, you can make it happen in an instant.

But speed and convenience do have their drawbacks and fees and one that you may not even be aware of that is being taken from you ona regular basis.

I try to keep tabs on my credit card and bank statements every week. With the technology we have, we don't have to wait for that monthly statement to arrive and see what has been used up and what sort of charges have been tacked on. Last week, I noticed a $10 fee for EVERY VENMO TRANSACTION that I made that was attached to my credit card. I hadn't noticed this in the past few months and it really adds up when you consider the things we use Venmo to pay for these days.

It really is frustrating and, unless I missed an email or other notification, came out of nowhere. If I am use my card to pay for something, I expect and understand the interest tacked on. I can't understand why I am being charged a cash advance fee for basically the same sort of thing. Venmo also adds a fee for using a credit card for purchases so it is a double whammy! Best advice? Stick with a card or account that is attached to a checking or other non credit related account and KEEP TABS on those statements.

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