The uncle of boxer Andre Dirrell is being sought on assault charges after throwing and landing a haymaker in the ring following a middleweight title fight on Saturday night.

It capped what was a controversial finish to the bout.

Jose Uzcategui ended the eighth-round with a three-punch combo, with the final punch landing just after the bell rang. Unfortunately for Uzcategui, it may have been the best punch be threw all night. Dirrell was knocked to the ground and ruled unable to continue. However, the referee ruled it was an illegal punch because it came just after the bell and Dirrell was awarded the belt via disqualification.

There is some debate over the intent Uzcategui's punch. Replay seemed to show he was throwing the punch as the bell sounded, but some believe it was intentional and dirty.

What no one seems to disagree on is the unsportsmanlike and criminal intent of what followed. Moments later, Dirrell's uncle, Leon Lawson Jr., approached Uzcategui's corner and blasted the DQ'd fighter in the face.

The ringside broadcaster appropriately called the incident an assault and reports Sunday morning said police in Prince George County, MD were looking to arrest Lawson for the cheap shot.

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