The seal for the Village of Whitesboro will remain.  Some have criticized the seal, which depicts Village founder Hugh White wrestling a member of the Oneida Indian Nation.

While many have pointed to the fact that the friendly contest, popular at the time, was a show of union others say that the depiction appears more like a white man physically subduing a Native American.

Residents of the Whitesboro, however, are knowledgeable of the history and feel that the seal should remain.  Mayor Patrick O'Connor, who spoke with WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning prior to the vote, said village officials decided to put the seal to a vote by the people.

Of the 220 votes cast, 157 were in support of the current seal.  It was, Whitesboro Village Clerk Dana Nimey-Olney said in an e-mail to WIBX, an "overwhelming decision."

Some say that national television coverage of the image prompted the vote in the village.  In a post by Townsquare Media personality Andrew Derminio, Mayor Patrick O'Connor is said to have been "...contacted directly by both 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' and 'The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.'"  Artists from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" created alternate logos for Village residents to consider, offering to pay for the new logo to be affixed to official Whitesboro vehicles if residents voted for one of the new logos.

Residents were offered alternatives to the current seal.

None of those alternatives appears to have gained favor with local residents.

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