Have you ever heard of mead? People call mead "honey wine" due to the fact it's created by fermenting honey with water, spices, and grains or hops. 

So is there different types of mead? Mead can have a wide range of flavors depending on the source of the honey. Due to all the different fruits and spices used, you can get all sorts of different flavors.

A mead that also contains spices (such as cloves, cinnamon or nutmeg), or herbs (such as meadowsweet, hops, or even lavender or chamomile), is called a metheglin.

A mead that contains fruit (such as raspberry, blackberry or strawberry) is called a melomel, which was also used as a means of food preservation, keeping summer produce for the winter. A mead that is fermented with grape juice is called a pyment.

Mulled mead is a popular drink at Christmas time, where mead is flavored with spices (and sometimes various fruits) and warmed, traditionally by having a hot poker plunged into it."

Mead has been around since ancient times and it seems it is on the rise again here in New York.

Here's the different places in New York you can buy mead.

1) Black Bear Winery located in Chenengo Forks.

2) Blueberry Sky Farm Winery located in Ripley.

3) Brotherhood Winery located in Washingtonville.

4) Earle Estates Meadery located in Penn Yan.

5) Enlightenment Wines located in Clintondale.

6) Helderberg Meadworks located in Duanesburg.

7) Heritage Wines International located in NYC.

8) Hermit Woods Wines located in Sanbornton.

9) Lakewood Vineyards located in Watkins Glen.

10) Magpie Farms & Winery located in Bainbridge.

11) Manhattan Meadery located in Pleasantville.

12) Montezuma Winery located in Seneca Falls.

13) Salt Point Meadery located in Salt Point.


You can find a full list nationwide, and worldwide, here. If you're into trying new drinks, be sure to join us March 22nd for Utica On Tap!


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