A man accused of leaving his mother in the woods and then reporting her missing alleges that he and his mother may be the victims of a conspiracy.

Tomas Zavalidroga of Blossvale says he believes that his mother has been brainwashed and possibly drugged by "authorities."  He says there is no proof that he left his mother in the woods, and has stood by his story that his mother disappeared from his car while they were running errands together.

His mother was later found alive several days after she was reported missing by her son.  Authorities say that, when found, she said that her son Tomas had left her into the woods.  An order of protection was filed against Zavalidroga.

He now faces charges of reckless endangerment and reporting a false incident.

Tomas Zavalidroga describes his other brothers as estranged, and indicates that they may be part of the conspiracy against him.

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WIBX post July 22, 2014
Photo Credit: Oneida City Police