New York Mills Police are still investigating a two-car crash that happened on Campbell Avenue near Main Street that led to a car catching fire.

Officials say Officer Delong of the New York Mills Police Department was dispatched to the scene just before 4 p.m. Monday for reports of an accident with possible injuries.

Upon arrival the Officer Delong, a civilian and New York Mills Fire Fighter Riopel assisted Cheryl Reed of Utica out of her 2005 Toyota Camry, which was on fire. The three then carried Reed to a neighbor's porch nearby and EMS began evaluating her condition.

Officials say a preliminary investigation revealed Reed was traveling East on Campbell when her vehicle collided, head-on, with a 2015 Toyota Camry being driven by Eleanor McNeil of Utica.

Both drivers were the sole occupants of their vehicles and sustained non-life threatening injuries. Both were taken by Kunkel Ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. While the investigation is still ongoing, the New York Mills Police want to thank the New York Mills Fire Department, New York Mills Department of Public Works, the Yorkville Police Department, Kunkel Ambulance and the unknown civilian for courageously assisting.

The care and kindness of people in the community never ceases to amaze. If anyone knows who the unknown civilian was, you are asked to contact WIBX. The person responsible for assisting first responders with a scary situation should be recognized. Luckily, swift action was taken by those involved in this situation and that no doubt prevented would could have been an absolute tragedy.

Photo Courtesy of The New York Mills Police Department
Photo Courtesy of The New York Mills Police Department

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