Hudson Valley firefighters went above and beyond to help a little bunny.

On Saturday, members of the Woodstock Fire Department went above and beyond their normal job duties. Firefighters were called to help after a woman noticed a small bunny somehow got stuck in the grill of her car.

"Today while preparing for our open house, a citizen pulled in to get some help extracting this poor bunny that had gotten stuck in the grill of her car," Woodstock Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

Bunny Removed From Car Girl in Ulster County, New York

The Woodstock Fire Department is located at 242 Tinker Street in Woodstock, New York. The Fire Department is located 120 miles north of New York City and 25 miles west of the city of Kingston.


It's unclear how long the woman drove her car with the rabbit stuck to her grill, or how the bunny ended up resting on her grill. But the woman and bunny are lucky the woman noticed the bunny as she was very close to Woodstock firefighters

After assessing the very unusual situation, members from the Woodstock Fire Department performed a successful “extrication.” Another firefighter then took the bunny to a nearby wildlife rehab to get checked out.

Woodstock Fire Department Safely Removes Bunny From Car Girl in Woodstock, New York

"Members performed an 'extrication' and another member took the patient to a wildlife rehab for evaluation," the Woodstock Fire Department added in its Facebook post. "No job too big or small …ALL creatures great and small 🙏🏽❤️🐰"

Woodstock Fire Department
Woodstock Fire Department

The Woodstock Fire Department did not provide an update on the bunny's healthy. The Fire Department proudly started serving the Hudson Valley in 1906. It's likely they haven't responded to a situation like the one they did on Saturday many times, or ever.

"Since our inception in 1906, we have worked to provide the highest level of protection and service to the public that we serve," the Woodstock Fire Department States on its website.

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