You never want to live somewhere people will shake their heads and ask why you live in that city or town.

USA Today put together a list of all the worst cities to live in state by state. Looking at New York State, the city that makes the list shouldn't shock anyone.

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This city is known for a very high crime rate and the housing market is well below the average home in New York State.

This city also doesn't have high-paying jobs making it very difficult for people who live there to make a decent living. In fact, according to the stats provided by USA Today, over 30% of people who live in this New York Town are living below the national poverty line. That is more than double the state average.

So where is the worst place to call home in New York State?

That would be Newburgh, New York.

Newburgh is located in Orange County and is about 60 miles north of New York City and about 90 miles south of New York's Capital City Albany.

Newburgh has been known for its high crime rate for years and according to FBI reports, Newburgh has more violent crime than 90% of other towns in the entire country. According to, Newburgh had over 1000 major crimes last year. 293 violent crimes and 748 property crimes. The crime rate was 36 crimes per 1000 people which is nearly double the average for New York State.

So if you are looking to make a move in New York State, you might want to avoid buying a home in Newburgh as it is the worst place to call home in New York State.

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