Other than half moons, Utica is known for Chicken Riggies. If we had a book of Utica, this list would be the 10 Commandments of Chicken Riggies.

1) Thou shall only use rigatoni pasta and not elbows.



2) Thou should stick to chicken, and not other ingredients.

Yes, you will find shrimp, meatball, and other meats, but that's not riggies. That's another amazing Italian dish instead.



3) Thou should never use cheddar cheese. Stick to Parmesan, Romano, and other similar cheeses.



4) Honor thy dish with spice, and always make sure your riggies have some sort of kick.


5) Thou shall honor leftover sauce from your bowl or plate by soaking in your garlic bread.


6) Thou shall never put a limit on the amount of cheese in your riggies.


7) Thou shall always cook with fresh chicken, never chicken from a can....you freak of nature.


8) Thou shall always make enough for leftovers, or order enough to provide another meal.


9) Thou shall always try to make your riggie sauce as thick as possible.


10) Thou shall spread the good word of Chicken Riggies nationwide when ever traveling aborad.





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