If you're hoping to escape the "rat race" known as corporate America, this New York town has been named one of the nation's top places to do just that.

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Places to Start Anew


Americans say they are working longer hours with lesser pay, in addition to an eroding work/life balance. That explains why more and more worker bees are looking up vacation destinations that offer more than a chance to relax and recharge.

They're also looking for places where their bosses can never reach them. That's why remote vacation spots are trending more, with those actively seeking out destinations where they only use their phone to take photos or video.

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While vacations can offer a respite from the grind, some people are taking it a step farther by uprooting their lives and moving to more relaxed places. If you find yourself inspired by the story of Henry David Thoreau kicking society to the curb and choosing to spend his life living off the land by Walden pond, you are not alone.

A growing number of Americans are feeling the itch to locate to places where they can escape the high-pressure demands of their job as well as the competitive grind of corporate life.

JoyOrganics.com took note of these increased searches and conducted a study to find the top places that offer Americans the escape from the corporate "rat race".

After asking 3,000 overtied and overworked professionals their thoughts, one town from New York was named one of the most coveted towns to start a fresh life.

Starting Anew


Of the thousands polled in this latest survey, respondents shared which American localities they think would offer them the best escape from the demanding environment of their current professions.

Respondents found themselves imagining a fresh, new start in Kailua, Hawaii, which was the most coveted spot overall.  Respondents loved the idea of living on bright, sunny beaches and a laid-back atmosphere, which is why they also picked Paia, Hawaii, as another top destination.

While respondents also found themselves considering places like Pulaski, Tennessee, and Ferndale, California, one of the most popular getaways was right here in New York.

Making the top 5 was Cold Spring, which was the most popular pick for any northern state.

Said the outlet:

With its stunning river views, historic architecture, and quaint shops, Cold Spring is a picturesque and relaxed town, perfect for a relaxing life despite its proximity to NYC.

In the end, New York was actually the third most-sought after state for people hoping to enjoy a more-relaxed career.

More New York Destinations to Make the Cut

Cold Spring wasn't the only town from the Empire State to get on the radar. In 35th place was Rhinebeck, which respondents praised for its " charming and historic downtown, scenic beauty, and cultural events."

The outlet added, "Rhinebeck is ideal for a sophisticated and tranquil lifestyle in the Hudson Valley."

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In 66th place was Beacon, which attracted would-be residents for its "thriving arts community... and vibrant Main Street." This place was one of the most popular destinations among the professionals that were more geared toward entertainment and the arts.

The Top 10

DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature
DenisTangneyJr from Getty Images Signature

Hannah Smith of Joy Organics found the survey results surprising.

She explained:

This survey reflects a growing desire for a balanced lifestyle, and we hope our findings inspire many to explore the enriching environments America has to offer. Each location on our list offers a unique way to reconnect with what truly matters in life, away from the frenetic pace of modern work culture.

Here are the towns to make the top 10:

  1. Kailua, Hawaii
  2. Pulaski, Tennessee
  3. Ferndale, California
  4. Paia, Hawaii
  5. Cold Spring, New York
  6. Aiken, South Carolina
  7. Ojai, California
  8. Marble Falls, Texas
  9. Virginia City, Nevada
  10. Huntington, West Virginia

If you could pack up your life and move somewhere a little more off the grid, where would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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