If you want to escape to the great outdoors and not deal with dirt, bugs and outhouses - two places in Central New York have been named the best glamping spots.

What Is "Glamping"?

Glamping is a relatively new term for a pretty old practice. It's essentially elevated camping, where those get to enjoy a few perks from being at home while enjoying their outdoor experience.

Boheme Retreats via Facebook
Boheme Retreats via Facebook

Not everyone can tolerate going potty in the woods or making a full meal over a campfire. Just because these people never got a Wilderness Badge or are too accustomed to heat and hot water, that doesn't mean they're banned from enjoying a few nights sleeping under the stars.

And that is essentially where the term "glamping" came from - glamorous camping.

Over time, glamping spots have popped up across the U.S., and that has allowed for camping to become a wee bit more accessible. People can still escape into the woods, but they don't have to feel like they're a contestant on "Survivor."

According to a list from Trips to Discover, which is run by traveling enthusiasts, there are several glamping locations in New York that are definitely worth a visit.

Where to Glamp in CNY

The good thing about this roundup is a majority of the best locations happen to be in Upstate New York. But, if you don't wish to spend too much on gas and would rather camp a little closer to home - Trips to Discover highlighted two adorable locations.

First up was an Airbnb that you can rent by the Finger Lakes. It's a cabin that's dubbed "The Sanctuary in the Woods" and it's located in Newfield. Said the outlet:

Another New York glamping option is this forest cabin near a creek. It has electricity, a portable heater, a hammock, a fire pit with a grill, chairs, and a picnic table. Near the cabin, guests can use a toilet and a private shower. Guests can explore the 10 acres of trails on the property and the large pond. Come here for a private and relaxing experience in the Finger Lakes region.

Looking at the Airbnb listing, guests check into a tiny cabin and sleep on a queen-sized bed. The home has plenty of natural light, an outdoor shower, fire pit, and electricity so you don't have to make your morning coffee over an open fire - if you don't want to, that is.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

However, some people might check out the listing and make a hard nope at the sight of the outhouse.

Another Central New York getaway is the "My Friends Place" Yurt in Oneonta. The outlet states:

The surroundings of this glamping tent are rustic and peaceful, with many comforts of home. You can stay here and enjoy an indoor shower with hot water, a queen-size memory foam mattress, Adirondack chairs, and excellent cell phone service. There are two yurts for rent on this same property, and this is site #1. The yurt rental also comes with a fire pit, cooler, boot tray, and cleaner, camp books, and camp chairs.

The listing on HipCamp says the place is pet-friendly and is a stone's throw away from some great hiking trails.

Other Upstate Listings

Trips to Discover also highlighted a luxury camping place in Broadalbin in the Adirondacks, which is close to Great Sacandaga Lake.  Another offering was a raised tent atop a hill in East Meredith, offering guests breathtaking views of the New York landscape.

Mystical night landscape, in the foreground hike, campfire and tent
Photo Credit - Geribody/Thinkstock

A lakefront dome in Fort Ann was also highly recommended, of which the travel website called one of the more unique places one can go.

The website has a few more listings that would tantalize anyone's wilderness warrior.

If you've camped at any of these locations, let us know in the comments below.

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