Two 18-year-olds, a male and female, were arrested following Saturday night's AA championship game between Utica Proctor and Cicero North Syracuse (C-NS) at the Dome in Syracuse.

According to the Post Standard, a "rowdy group of Utica Proctor fans" went over into the opposing student section during the game and were taunting C-NS fans.  Signs posted at the Dome directed fans from the two schools to seating sections on opposite sides of the field, according to the news site. When security observed Utica fans harassing students and fans of the opposing team's section, they were escorted back to the Utica side of the Dome, according to reports.

With 1:26 remaining in the game, C-NS scored a touchdown to take the lead and ultimately win the game 28-25.

As fans were exiting, security told the Post Standard that a male continued to taunt C-NS fans in the bleachers, while a female was reportedly attempting to fight with fans in the concourse. When police attempted to stop her she allegedly pushed police and she was then taken into custody, according to the security officer. When the 18-year-old male entered the concourse and couldn't find the female, he allegedly became aggressive with fans. The security officer claims that he pushed Syracuse Police when they attempted to calm him down, and he was arrested.

Both were charged with disorderly conduct and the male fan was also charged with resisting arrest. The news report did not print the names of the two Uticans. They both spent Saturday night in the Onondaga County Jail, according to the report.

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