You've never heard this version of  'Hotel California'. 

This is Vocal Sampling. An all male a cappella group from Cuba. Wikipedia says they can vocally imitate the piano, cowbell, conga, bass and trumpet. 

The six members of Vocal Sampling, all accomplished instrumentalists and arrangers, met at Havana's Instituto Superior de Arte while studying music. Looking for ways to provide music for ill-equipped house parties inspired to unorthodox solutions and soon the unique sound of Vocal Sampling was created

According to their website, the group has gained the attention of artists like Peter Gabrial and Paul Simon. They have performed alongside Chaka Kahn, Phil Collins and Toots Thielmans to celebrate Quincy Jones' 50 years in the music business.

Make sure you watch till the end and keep your eyes on the man in red. He plays the guitar solo that will shock you around the 4:20 mark.